Glute Group

Glute Group (GG) is a group training class specifically designed for women who want to look great, get leaner, optimise their body composition and have a focus on developing their glutes. It’s a group training session for a maximum of six women per session. There are five GG sessions per week: Tuesday & Thursday @ 7am & 5.30pm and Wednesday @ 9am (these sessions are claimable via your health Fund).

Customised training aimed at women

Are you unsure of what to do in the gym? Are you scared of lifting weights? GG is designed for you so you can learn how to lift weights, gain confidence and look great.

With his years of training elite athletes, Andrew is not only a specialised personal trainer, but a strength & conditioning coach and Physiotherapist who understands the challenges women face when training. With different training needs and nutritional requirements to men, as well as conditions that frequently influence their results (menstrual cycle, menopause, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, PCOS and amenorrhea), Andrew’s Glute Group focuses on overcoming these limitations, helping women to reach their peak performance. 

Using all of his experience, Andrew designs a customised training program for each GG member, specific to their goals, sport, previous fitness experience and time availability.  The individualised program you will receive can be designed to improve your fitness, body composition, strength and/or athletic performance.

As part of this training group, Andrew teaches women how to lift weights, increase their strength, manage their nutritional needs and look their best. With a longstanding history of working within the sports industry, Andrew also brings his knowledge of injury prevention and management to the fore. A combination of correct training techniques, optimised nutrition, and knowledgeable management is what makes Andrew’s Glute Group highly successful and quickly fully booked.

Why should you join WPF Glute Group?

If you have no idea what to do in a gym, where to start, what equipment to use and how to use it, then the Glute Group is for you. If you want to achieve your fitness goals quickly and safely, then you need to join the Glute Group.

Once you have made a GG booking Andrew will discuss your goals and how best to achieve them, given any time constraints. Andrew includes nutritional and dietary advice during your GG journey and you also have access to 'Your Body Bible: Glute Group Edition' which helps to educate so you get the most out of your training.

Andrew shows you exactly what to do to achieve your goals of a leaner, fitter and stronger body. You take the training as far as you need to achieve your own goals.

Each GG session is $30 and claimable via your health fund. Alternatively you can buy a 10 or 20 session GG pack which are both claimable via your health fund:

  • 10 session GG pack for a discounted rate of $275 (27.50 per session)
  • 20 session GG pack for a discounted rate of $500 ($25 per session) 

For more information on Glute Group, call Andrew on 0404 775 652 or shoot him an email on