Women's Training Specialist

If you have a choice between a regular trainer and one who is a Physiotherapist and a strength & conditioning coach, which would you choose? Now add a well-honed understanding of women’s training needs, which are starkly different to men, and who would you choose?

Andrew specialises in training women

Introducing Andrew, the owner of Wild Physio Fitness in Neutral Bay. Andrew’s knowledge of training and nutritional challenges faced by women have made him the go-to trainer for women in Sydney.

Andrew recognises that the menstrual cycle, menopause, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, PCOS and amenorrhea, not only alter the nutritional requirements of women during training, but also the type of training they should perform. This is why Andrew customises all his training plans specifically for women, focusing on their individual needs, goals, fitness level and availability.

Training sessions customised to your needs

Your training sessions are tailored to your exact needs taking into consideration your goals, medical conditions, previous or current injuries etc. As a Physio who has spent many years working with elite athletes, Andrew knows how to help his clients achieve optimal results. Through injury prevention, education, effective management, as well as balancing the nutritional needs of women with their training schedule, Andrew helps his female clients be the best they can be and achieve their personal goals.

At Wild Physio Fitness, your individual training program is designed not only to improve your health and fitness, but also to increase your strength, body composition and athletic performance. You can focus on a time-orientated goal, for example you want to achieve peak performance in 3 months or it can be performance based, for example you want to lose 5kg and look leaner.

For more information on Andrew’s women specific training sessions, call him on 0404 775 652 or shoot him an email on andrew@wildphysiofitness.com.au