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My Values


We endeavour to provide the most current, evidence based Physiotherapy, strength and conditioning and nutrition services.

Reduce Risk of injury

Our practices are supported by a foundation of Physiotherapy, sport science and nutrition designed to fast-track your results with reduced risk of injury.

Habit Sustainability

We provide the essentials to reach your body composition goals by working with you to create sustainable habits.

Dedication to Excellence

Our practice is backed by a decade of Physiotherapy and strength and conditioning experience trusted by some of Australia's top athletes.

My Mission

To support clients of all ages and fitness levels so they can:

  • Recover from injury

  • Achieve their fitness goals

  • Optimise their body composition

  • Maximise their sporting potential

  • Reduce their risk of injury

My Story

My Story

I decided to become a Physiotherapist after spending countless hours at the physio when I was a sporty and regularly injured young athlete. This experience with physio and my sporting background fostered my goal of empowering as many people as possible to take control of their health and live healthy and sustainable lives.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, I immediately worked in private practice specialising in musculoskeletal and sports Physiotherapy. I worked in a variety of private practice's and along the way I became the Sydney Swans Academy Head Physiotherapist. During this time I had the goal of perfecting the art of helping athletes reach their potential. Now, as Director of Wild Physio Fitness, I focus on empowering people of all ages and fitness levels to take control of their health, recover from injury, reduce their risk of injury, optimise their body composition and enhance their sporting performance.