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Wild Physio Podcast

#34 Alexis Léveillé: Debunking Myths: Today I welcome Alexis Léveillé who is a Physical Therapist based in Canada. We discuss how the SIJ doesn't move much if at all during movement of the body, why the SIJ doesn't go out of alignment without severe trauma, why therapists can't tell if the SIJ is out of place or symmetrical, why some people with back pain have stronger and more active core and back muscles than people without back pain due to muscle guarding, why therapist palpation skills are unreliable and not very accurate and much more. 

#33 Michael Messina: Sports Physiotherapy: Today I welcome Michael Messina who is currently the Head Pathways Physiotherapist at the Wests Tigers. He has also recently opened Elite Edge Physiotherapy. We discuss if you need 2-3 years of work as a Physiotherapist before starting a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy, the sacrifices he has made to work in Sports Physiotherapy, should a Sports Physiotherapist also have ties to a private practice while working in sport and much more. 

#32 New Graduate Journey: Today I welcome Dan Burgos, Pat L’Huillier and Simon Parsons who are all Physiotherapist’s in their first year of work. We discuss their journey, if universities prepare Physio’s well enough for private practice, if universities focus on S&C and communication enough during the degree, what changes universities should make to the Physio degree, what advice they have for current Physio students and much more.

#31 Bret Contreras & Aden Gazi: Glute Roundtable: Today I welcome Bret "Glute Guy" Contreras and Aden "Glute Guru" Gazi to discuss all things glutes. We discuss training frequency, whether you should train to failure, overcomplicating lifting technique, lifting tempo, hip thrusts vs. squats for glute development and much more. 

#30 Justin Richardson: ACL Rehab: Today I welcome back Justin Richardson who is a Physiotherapist and S&C coach from Athletes Authority. We discuss when an ACLR client should start running and change of direction, end stage ACLR rehabilitation, ACLR running and change of direction options, ACLR rehab testing and much more. 

#29 Jill Cook & Ebonie Rio: Tendons: Today I welcome Jill Cook & Ebonie Rio who are both physios and researchers, specialising in tendons. We discuss if tendon pathology heals, patella tendinopathy vs. patellofemoral pain, achilles mid portion vs. achilles peritendon pathology, whether you should perform plyos for a lower limb tendinopathy, whether PRP is an effective treatment for tendinopathy and much more.

#28 Dr. Peter Malliaras: Tendons: Today I welcome Dr. Peter Malliaras who is a Physiotherapist and researcher specialising in tendinopathy. We discuss what a tendinopathy is, how to manage a tendinopathy, whether you should perform plyos for a lower limb tendinopathy, whether PRP is an effective treatment for tendinopathy and much more. 

#27 Dr. Justin Roe & Dr. Tim Musgrove: ACL Reconstruction: Today I welcome Dr. Justin Roe and Dr. Tim Musgrove who are both orthopaedic surgeons specialising in ACL reconstructive surgery. We discuss surgery vs. no surgery for complete ACL tears, if a completely torn ACL has the ability to heal without surgery, whether artificial playing surfaces increase the likelihood of a complete ACL tear, whether a MRI can definitively tell if an ACL is completely torn or not and much more. 

#26 Lachlan Wilmot: Plyometrics: Today I welcome Lachie Wilmot who is a S&C coach and co-owner of Athletes Authority. We discuss his plyometric continuum, how to program plyometrics, low amplitude jumps, how physio's and S&C coaches can work together and much more. 

#25 Stephanie Brantz: Sport Presenting, Reporting and Commentating: Today I welcome Stephanie Brantz who is freelance television sport presenter, reporter, producer and commentator. Steph was a successful Naturopath and Personal trainer before starting her career in sport. We discuss her career, how to make it as a sports presenter, reporter and commentator, why she left the health industry, how women's sport can achieve pay equality and much more. 

#24 Justin Richardson: ACL Rehab & Op vs. Non-Op ACL Management: Today I welcome Justin Richardson who is a Physiotherapist and S&C coach from Athletes Authority. We discuss operative vs. non-operative ACL management, ACL rehabilitation, end stage ACL rehabilitation, ACL rehab testing, knee extensions during ACL rehab and much more. 

#23 Simon Jones: Physio in Motorsport: Today I welcome Simon Jones who is a Physiotherapist (previously he was a Paramedic!) based in the UK. Simon has had such an interesting and long career and this is a must listen! Simon has worked in professional motorsport (including F1, endurance motorsport: e.g. Le Mans), rugby union, golf etc. We discuss his career, what a physio in motorsport does, his advice to young physio's, the quality of physio in professional sport, the changes in the physio industry he has seen and much more.

#22 Dan Minnicks: Keep Training Like An Athlete: Today I welcome back Dan Minnicks who is a Sports Performance Coach from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We discuss why people stop training like athletes, why they should NOT stop training like athletes, why agility ladders are a gimmick and do NOT train speed or agility and much more.

#21 Dr. Jacob Templar: Physio Myth Busting: Today I welcome Dr. Jacob Templar who is a Physical Therapist and Board Certified Orthopaedic Specialist based in the U.S.A. We discuss why disc degeneration is normal, why flexing your spine is ok, how you can have pain without tissue damage, why discs are NOT like jelly donuts, why there is no such thing as perfect posture, why non-specific manual therapy is just as effective as specific manual therapy and much more. 

#20 Dr. Cameron Marshall: Concussion: Today I welcome Dr. Cameron Marshall who is a Canadian Sports Chiropractor and the founder of Complete Concussion Management Inc. We discuss concussion, concussion recovery and management, how headgear/helmets do NOT prevent concussion, whiplash, why neck strengthening exercises can NOT prevent concussion, CTE and much more.

#19 Daniel Arbilla: Spinal Flexion & Pain Science: Today I welcome back Daniel Arbilla who is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and mentor to health and fitness professionals around the world. We discuss the spinal flexion debate, pain science, new grad recommendations and much more. 

#18 Beth Clare: Glute Training: Today I welcome Beth Clare who is personal trainer that specialises in training women. We discuss the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to training, why you should focus on getting strong and performance rather than just aesthetics, how to build your glutes, the Barbalho et al. (2020) study that compared squats vs. hip thrusts and the subsequent glute and quad growth from each exercise and much more. 

#17 Andrew Wild: Field of Youth Podcast: Today I'm reposting a podcast that I featured on recently: Field of Youth Podcast. We discussed some of the following topics and more:
- Common fitness misconceptions
- The dangers and powers of social media for training and nutrition within the fitness industry
- Where to find credible information
- Stretching and warm ups for performance
- Principles of strength training: where to start and how to progress

#16 Sohee Lee: Psychology of Dieting and Strength Training: Today I welcome Sohee Lee who is the creator of the Eat Lift Thrive Movement. Sohee is a writer, author, personal trainer, certified strength and conditioning specialist, certified sports nutritionist and she is currently pursuing her PhD in sports science. We discuss why SUSTAINABLE weight loss is important, the difference between weight and fat loss, the psychology of dieting, strength training for women, her career advice and much more.

#15 Ellie Pashley 2.0: Running: Today I welcome Ellie Pashley who is a Physio and 2021 Olympic hopeful after achieving a qualifying time in both the 10,000m and marathon. We discuss running mechanics, stride length, cadence, running shoes, the barefoot movement, orthotics, running volume and much more.

#14 Daniel Arbilla: Manual Therapy, Over Coaching and Warm Ups: Today I welcome Daniel Arbilla who is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and mentor to health and fitness professionals around the world. We discuss when manual therapy is appropriate, how an EP is different to a Physio or PT, over coaching, external vs. internal cues, warm ups and much more. 

#13 Shona Vertue: Focus on Performance and Sporting Goals: Today I welcome Shona Vertue who is a personal trainer, yoga teacher and the founder and owner of the Vertue Method which is practised in over 60 countries. We discuss the apocalypse, why you should focus on performance and sporting goals, why you should strength train, the difference between flexibility and mobility and much more.

#12 New Grad Physio: Trained Physio + Fitness: Today I welcome Cam Heise and Liv Strelein from Trained Physio + Fitness, Perth. We discuss life as a new grad physio, Liv's experience as a new grad, how important mentors are, how to be yourself as a physio, how to merge physio and S+C, the importance of communication and much more.

#11 Dan Minnicks: Sprint Training & Why Genetics Matter: Today I welcome Dan Minnicks who is a Sports Performance Coach from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He works with a wide range of athletes from youth to the professional level as well as Adult National Figure Skaters, competitive endurance athletes, SWAT, and members of the United States Military, including the Army, Navy, and Naval Special Warfare. We discuss sprint training, plyometrics, why genetics matter, sport specialisation and much more.

#10 Clint Hill: The Fitness Industry: Today I welcome Clint Hill who is a ASCA Level 3 Elite Strength & Conditioning Coach, has a Masters in Strength & Conditioning from Edith Cowan University and he is currently involved in high performance coaching, lecturing and mentoring S&C’s and personal trainers. We discuss COVID, the health of the fitness industry, his knee injury from walking his dog, why getting injured makes you a better coach, what type of Physio he refers to and much more.

#9 Ellie Pashley: Running: Today I welcome Ellie Pashley who is a Physio and 2021 Olympic hopeful after achieving a qualifying time in both the 10,000m and marathon. We discuss running volume, training mistakes, the importance of speed/sprint work, how being a Physio has helped her running career, how to find the running flow, her career and much more.

#8 Ellie Brush: Women's Sport: Today I welcome Ellie Brush who is a Physio and professional athlete who code hops from Football (Soccer) to AFLW. She has represented the Matilda's, won 2 championships in the W-League with Canberra United and was 2nd runner up (3rd haha) in the best and fairest for the GWS Giants in AFLW in 2019. We discuss her sporting career, how to cope with injuries and pain, why children shouldn't sport specialise, women's sport and the equal pay movement, life after sport and much more.

#7 Matt Suckling: AFL Player & Injuries: Today I welcome Matt Suckling who is an AFL footballer who has played 173 games for Hawthorn & Western Bulldogs including 3 grand finals and 2 premierships. We discuss his career, his injuries, dealing with injuries, mental strength, life after football, being a leader and much more. 

#6 Supplements: Today I discuss supplements including protein, creatine, caffeine, fish oil, vitamin D3, magnesium, zinc, beta-alanine, citrulline malate, BCAAs, pre-workouts, multi-vitamins and melatonin.

#5 Passive Treatments Should Never Be a Focus: Today I discuss passive treatments including stretching, cupping, acupuncture, massage, mobilisations and manipulations. I discuss why they should NOT be a focus of rehabilitation and much more. 

#4 Training From Home: Part 3: Today I discuss advanced weight lifting techniques, how many sets per week, per muscle group is needed for hypertrophy, how quickly can you lose muscle and strength, how much volume is needed to maintain muscle mass and much more.

#3 Training From Home: Part 2: Today I discuss training intensity (RIR/RPE), volume tweaks, progressive overload, creative options at home, advanced weight lifting techniques and much more.

#2 Training From Home: Part 1: Today I discuss training from home, hypertrophy, progressive overload, volume, the fundamental movement patterns, goals and much more. 

#1 Wild Physio Podcast Intro: Today I preview Wild Physio Podcast, introduce myself, explain why I became a Physio, explain my mantra and much more.