The Corporate Athlete Program

Do you work in Sydney's CBD and want to increase your health and fitness? The Corporate Athlete program at Wild Physio Fitness gives you the keys to long term success. This is a 16-week commitment aiming to teach you the skills to lose fat, build muscle & strength, and start to live a better life.

How can Andrew help you get fit?

Andrew is committed to helping corporate employees regain their fitness levels, so he has designed a flexible program that is sustainable over the long term. With a vast amount of experience gained from working as the head Physiotherapist for the Sydney Swans Academy and Golf Fit Pro, Andrew has the skills and the knowledge to help his clients achieve their goals.

After two months of working with Andrew, I have honestly never felt better. Yes I've dropped a few kilograms, but I've also noticed improvements in my mood, sleep and energy levels: Jessica, aged 26

Your 16-week customised program takes place in a quiet gym environment, where you work with Andrew on a one-to-one basis with no commercial gym noise or distractions. For additional help and motivation during your training, Andrew has created the WPF app; many of Andrew’s clients currently use this app every day.

This app includes your training program, detailed and private exercise video tutorials, messaging system, macro calculator, Fitbit integration, offline mode, progress photos & measurements, nutrition tracking and barcode scanner (600,000+ food items), and private YouTube training videos.

Andrew designs your program around your schedule, and he is always available to answer your questions and give guidance. Your 16-week personalised training program includes the following:

  • 16 one-hour face-to-face personal training sessions
  • Personalised training program
  • Personalised nutritional and dietary advice
  • Ongoing accountability and support
  • Expert Physio & personal training advice
  • Access to the WPF app (iPhone & Android)
  • Access to the private WPF FB group
  • Access to 'Your Body Bible: Pro Edition'
  • Access to WPF recipe eBook: 'Wild Eats'

After only a small number of weeks, the results were becoming obvious. What Andrew did for me changed my perception on everything. He had me working smarter, not harder. The end results over the space of 12 weeks were incredible. I increased my weight to 84kg in this period. The biggest gain for me hasn't been the body shape and gain of muscle. It has been the amount of education, energy and strength in my life now: Thomas, aged 24

What are the costs of corporate training with Andrew?

Your ongoing costs are $180 per week, but you receive a 10% discount for upfront payments.

For Upfront Payments – Email Andrew on

For Weekly Payments – Click Here

If you have a limited budget or are short on time, check out Andrew’s WPF Programs which costs $35 per month. If you have any questions about Corporate or WPF Programs, call Andrew on 0404 775 652 or shoot him an email on