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Your Body Bible: Glute Group Edition

Your Body Bible: Glute Group Edition


Book Summary

Designed for women who wants to make permanent and long-lasting changes to their fitness and nutrition. Andrew Wild brings you an evidence based eBook that will answer all your fitness and nutrition questions so you can reach your goals. Andrew merges the latest scientific research and his fitness industry experience into one easy to read resource.


Insider Secrets

How women’s menstrual cycle, amenorrhea and menopause influence nutrition and strength conditioning.

Myths Debunked

Widespread fitness and nutrition myths debunked.

Achieve your Goals

The A-Z on how to use nutrition and exercise to achieve your body composition goals.

Strength & Condition the Right Way

The A-Z on how to strength and condition the right way.

How you're Different

Why you may lose less weight than others and how to overcome this.

Backed by Science

Why juice cleanses/detoxing are a waste of time.

What's Included

Strength Education

  • Why Should I Follow a Structured Program?

  • Women Specific Issues

  • How do Muscles Grow?

  • Training Load and Intensity of Effort

  • How do I Work out & How Much Weight to Lift?

  • Training Frequency

  • Tempo

  • Warm-Up and Cool Down Options

  • Strength Exercise Variations

  • Rest Periods

  • The 7 Signs You Have Hit a Plateau

  • How to Combat a Plateau ?

  • Cardio: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) vs Moderate-Intensity Cardio

  • Women’s Menstrual Cycle, Amenorrhea, PCOS and Menopause

  • Body Re-composition and The ‘Toning Up’ Myth

  • Common Fitness Industry Myths Debunked

Nutrition Education

  • How to Determine Your Maintenance Calories?

  • How to Use Your Maintenance Calories to Set up a Calorie Deficit or a Calorie Surplus?

  • How to Take and Use Measurements

  • How to Make Adjustments to Your Diet?

  • Should I Count Calories or Track Macronutrients?

  • What to Do If You Have a Blow Out?

  • Fat Loss Hierarchy

  • Supplement Education and Recommendations

  • Common Nutrition Myths Debunked