Wild Eats

Wild Eats

Wild Eats is full of 43 delicious, healthy, quick, easy, calorie and macro friendly recipes! Unlike a lot of recipes books all nutritional information is provided including energy (kJ/kcal), macronutrients and fibre. 

Recipe information is provided including:

  • Ingredients 
  • Method
  • Cook time 
  • Servings
  • Energy (kJ/kcal)
  • Macronutrients (Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates)
  • Fibre

    Wild Eats includes:

    • 10 Breakfast recipes
    • 10 Lunch recipes
    • 12 Dinner recipes
    • 11 Snack recipes

    Structured meal plans aren't sustainable and I want all my clients to maintain a social life, enjoy a meal out and have a few drinks. It's all about sustainability and balance. All meals were designed by registered dieticians Kiah Witney-Cochrane and Imogen Hooper.